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The Young

With the world sliding towards the financial abyss at an ever increasing pace we must face up to the fact that we, as a generation, blew it. We can blame greedy financiers, the ‘smart’ people who lost sight of the fact that ethics must be the cornerstone of any civilization. But it is we, the […]

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Everyone on the planet has a dark side. Sometimes we have low points in our lives which threaten to overwhelm. Sometimes, in the darkest hour you gain great clarity, sometimes only despair. After just such a time in my life, long ago, I wrote this poem. I found it cathartic at the time. I look […]

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Some things make me smile and some things make me frown. I smile at those obese people who blithely tell you they ‘only eat wholesome things’ as they stuff another hamburger in with chips and soft drink to follow. I smile to myself whilst appreciating the fact that they sincerely believe what they say. But […]

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The Joker

They say “Scratch a funny man and you will find tragedy underneath.” I was thinking about this one day. Along the lines of how we sometimes try to trick ourselves and everybody else. We trivialise ourselves and others, make fun of people (often in a cruel manner) never realising that the only person really hurt […]

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Sometimes I think about patriotism and the passion it generates. I wonder if it has a dark side. I certainly appreciate my country of birth and feel pride at my fellow countrymen’s achievements. Yet, I cannot help thinking about the fabulous song by John Lennon. I am talking about “Imagine.” Maybe there should be no […]

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