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This morning, as usual, I drove to the gym. It’s Sunday here in Sydney and the day is cool. The cloud cover is quite heavy. June first, the first day of winter and I am driving down that street I described on another post as lined with trees whose leaves are a glorious reflection of autumn.

Today, the branches are almost bare and the thinning branch extensions, thin and spidery, reach for the sullen sky. It looks as if it might rain, yet I feel a sense of anticipation at the change in season. It brings to mind something I read many years ago. It was called “The Hymn of the Dawn Child.” Written in the Veda, one of the oldest known written documents. It describes the inevitable change from day to night to dawn and another day.

It was rumoured to be part of the beginnings of the Bhuddist Wheel of life. I don’t know about that, but I do know the effect this piece had upon me all those years ago. I felt it had a message. Basically, to me, it said that each day is new and, as such, is a chance for renewal.

I thought about that as I entered the gym and started my Sunday routine of sweating and straining. It brought back to me the reason I get up early on a Sunday (not only Sunday) and come to the gym to knock myself out. I have a purpose in this activity and many other of the things I do.

Anthony Robbins, the world famous motivational speaker and Jim Rohn, the American business philosopher have both said you become what you create. Robbins said, “You can change in a heartbeat.” Jim Rohn speaks of our power of decision. “You become what you decide.”

I am inspired when I read or hear such things. Back to my  hymn. Each day is a new day and, as such, has within it, the seeds of whatever you choose to be, do or have in that day and every other day in your life. Why not take the opportunity that is presented every day and decide to change what you don’t like about you or your life? Why not look to do something better, just for today?

If you really can ‘change in a heartbeat,’ why not make some small change for the better today? If you make something better in your or someone else’s life each day, what do you think that will be worth in a year?

As the Mastercard ad says, “Priceless.”

Live well,


Ollie Lind

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